eu|ro1 «YUR oh», noun.
1. a standard European currency designed to replace individual national monetary units: »

Financial history was made when 11 countries adopted the euro.

2. any of various bills or coins representing euro denominations: »

A harp is featured on an Irish euro and its German counterpart shows an eagle.

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eu|ro2 «YUR oh», noun, plural -ros.
a large kangaroo of Australia; wallaroo.
[origin uncertain]
combining form.
1. of Europe, especially western Europe, as in Europort, Eurocean.
2. of or having to do with the European money market, as in Eurobond, Eurocurrency.
3. of or having to do with the European Economic Community or Common Market, as in Eurocrat, Euromarket. Also, Eur- before vowels.

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